2308 The Facts of Life about Your Finances

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This course will teach you the financial facts of life you probably never learned when you were growing up. It will help you make better everyday life decisions that involve money. You will learn how to:
1. Develop a financial plan to achieve your personal goals e.g. raising children, home ownership, retirement, travel.
2. Budget and track your spending.
3. Get the banking services you need at the lowest cost. 
4. Establish a credit history and get a credit card.
5. Decide whether to buy or lease a car and finance the deal.
6. Be a savvy shopper and save money on such purchases as cell phone contracts.
7. Make the right decision on accommodation: rent or buy?
8. Negotiate a loan or mortgage and pay it off.
9. Save using a TFSA, RRSP, RESP or other account and invest your savings.
10. Pay the least amount of taxes.
11. Buy the insurance you need – life, house, car, disability etc.
12. Prepare a will and powers of attorney.

Learner Outcomes

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