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0945 Essentials of Competitive Intelligence

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Course Details

Aimed at optimizing a company's market opportunities, competitive intelligence (CI) is the process of gathering and analyzing strategic information about competitors and the competitive environment. In this course, you will learn how to: identify CI needs; accumulate, analyze and synthesize different kinds of information; understand your ethical responsibilities with respect to intelligence gathering; and communicate your findings.

Learner Outcomes

  • Ability to identify and respond to an organization's intelligence needs
  • Knowledge of methods for gaining access to internal, external, primary and secondary sources of information
  • Ability to apply basic analytical models, such as inductive and deductive reasoning, network analysis, and alternate thinking
  • Prerequisites

    There are no prerequisites for this course.

    This course may be applied towards the SCS Certificate(s) in


      0945 - 030 Essentials of Competitive Intelligence    
      Fall - 15   Status:  Available
    Section Schedule:   Mon 6:00PM - 9:00PM
    21 Sep 2015 to 30 Nov 2015
    Class Schedule: 10 Sessions
    Course Fees:   Flat Fee non-credit    $745.00
    Campus:   St. George Campus
    Delivery Options:  IN-CLASS
    Instructors: Ronald Purcell, B.Comm., M.B.A.
      Section Notes:  

    There is no class October 13, 2014, Thanksgiving Day.